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Well so I did my first look into the code, and it seems its easy to configure since you documented so well ..I'll just post here what I'm doing just for you to double check.
Since I'll first try my luck with the lm1881:
//Arduino = 0, SimpleOSD = 1
#define controller 1
Since I'm planning in the future to use a 50A current sensor:
// Current-sensor
#define offset 0
#define current_cal 0.49
What's the purpose of the voltage divider?

// As default configured for standard plane -> I'll use it on a plane. Do I have to put // infront of #define below // Quad/helicopter example...If I once put it on a quad how do I enable it to quad settings?

Hmmm altitude less then 999 , that means if I go above 999 it will show me summary, do you guys use higher values?

// Hide GPS-coordinates when altitude is more than x meter, can I put higher values? (not that I'm going to go that high )

Regarding the button for config, are we talking that button that's on the arduino?

That display of degrees in which one is flying, that you said is only for your country is very important for me, when I'll be flying with a narrow beam helical..can you modify it also for my country? Please PM me with additional details

For a 3S lipo 10V for voltage alarm or should I go higher/lower?

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