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ICON A5 - 40" & 52" by SNice - it FLIES and FLOATS!!! PLANS, PICS & VIDEO

Hello All!

PDF Plans and Decals are below in the "Attached Files" section.

Notes: Be sure to print PDF's @ 100% for proper scaling.
- 40" Snice Icon a5 - paper size = 48"x36" @ 100%; Construction Material: 5mm 'Dollar Tree Foam' (DTF) with paper removed or similar.
- 52" Snice Icon a5 - paper size = 96"x36" @ 100%; Construction Material: 6mm Model Plane Foam (MPF); Fan Fold Foam (FFF); or similar.

Prototype has been completed - decals and all - and has had several successful flights! I am having a great time with this bird and am very happy with its performance now.

Next question: Is she seaworthy?? Yes!!!
I used "Freddie B's" finishing technique to achieve a nice finish and then coated the entire model with clear polycrilic -- 2 coats on the hull -- then I added a top coat of clear Rustoleum on the hull. She is waterproof and all electronics are contained inside the fuse...
Water handling has been tested and confirmed (see video below)...Next up:Plans

Model construction is sturdy but simple. Wing is removable - attaches to fuse with rubber band.

Throttle, Flaps, Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons - 4 servos total

40" Model Stats:
AUW: 18oz (lots of paint)
W/S: 40in
W/L: 13.7oz/sq ft (need to recalculate)
Servos: 3x 5g (Rudder, Elevator, Flaps); 1x 9g(Aileron)
lipo: 1300mah 3S 25C
ESC: 30A (all I had on hand); motor only pulls 12.8A @WOT
Motor: 1800KV (would like to try 2200KV PJ motor)
Prop: 6x4

Icon A5 R/C Scratchbuild by SNice - Water Takeoff & Landing (3 min 34 sec)

Mild aerobatics & water test:
Icon A5 R/C Scratchbuild by Snice - Flyin' & Floatin' (12 min 26 sec)

I maidened it in less than ideal, windy and gusty conditions -- Not a good idea, but I just could not wait anymore... luckily I got her back in one piece!
40" Maiden Video:
ICON A5 R/C Scratchbuild by SNice - Maiden Video (5 min 29 sec)

52" Model Stats:
AUW: 38-41oz (lots of paint & waterproofing)
W/S: 52in
Length: 35.5in
Wing Area:
W/L: 19.58oz/sq ft (need to recalculate)
Servos: 6x 9g (Rudder, Elevator, Flaps)
lipo: 2200-2650mah 3S 30C
ESC: 40A+
Motor: 1050KV; 35-42
Prop: 10X7

52" Water Maiden!
SNice Icon A5 R/C Scratchbuild - 52" Water Maiden (9 min 13 sec)
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