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Personally, having spent so much time in China, I appreciate and actually really LIKE the look of the 5888 [shiny metal, simple non-compound curves, which I NEVER use in my own designs, some of which have won industrial design awards, one for me and Boeing].

I got addicted because by dumb luck the first 2 that I bought [and in over-priced Switzerland, they cost one-FIFTH of the much higher quality Blade helis, which are also made in China, b.t.w.!] worked unusually great. It was when I bought a 3rd as a spare that I found out that most of them are OK but definiterly not GREAT. Also, I might point out that many of the 5888s I got were 2nd-hand returns costing only 10 or 20 bucks, and I got two free helis plus a funny UFO [a copy of one of my OWN toy designs] from ToyTown after someone told me to point out to them that they used my silly YouTube video in their advertising.

Anyway, fitting with my nature, I slowly and painstakingly found out how to make most of them GREAT. And I mean that they then hop & spring through the air, almost as fast as a lightweight 4-ch micro CP. High-speed banked horizontal "8"s [TWO times fasted than that YT vid, which was when I was first learning all this], even in reverse, realistic because of the weight and great usable power finally "unleashed". I wouldn't DARE try that in such a small space with another design. But of course ONLY possible when "modded" per my tips > tuned & tracked to perfection.

And that is what I have tried to pass on to others who might be interested in having a great but low-cost heli.

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