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Moderation appeal

I was given a point without the opportunity to edit here:

Reason: Trolling (Obnoxious behavior)
The post is designed to annoy other users, inflate the post count of the author, describe or recommend an illegal or recklessly dangerous activity, or give advice that, if followed, would cause obvious harm.

The moderator who warned you entered this comment:
Please do not mock other users or call attention to their infractions.
I wasn't mocking the user. If anyone was mocking someone, surely it was the moderator's comment in the cited infraction.

Please stop reporting users for asking obtuse questions. There is no rule against being obtuse, which is why you are still on the site.
In the context of the thread discussion, I was pointing out that frivilous reporting occurs regularly, as evidenced by the cited infraction. I wasn't aware we are not allowed to cite other posters infractions, it does not appear in the rules list. Nor was I trying to mock the infracted individual, just using it to address a point of discussion.

If we are not allowed to bring attention to other's infractions, fine, lesson learned. I will gladly remove the warned content if I am given a chance to edit.

Thank you for you consideration.
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