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Originally Posted by 62pilot View Post
Farmer Joe went running into town and hollard at Ole Doc. Brown. " Come quick, Ethel is havin the baby. "

Doc Brown replied " I can't right now Junior, little billie bob needs his appendix out or he'll die."

Farmer Joe says " what on earth am I to do ?"

Doc says " well, you birthed dog, cats sheep and such, It aint no different, just let nature take it's course."

A week latter Ole-Doc was going into the merchantile when he ran into Junior. " So how 'd the delivery go "

Joe Junior said " It was just like you told me Doc. I let nature take it's course. We be the proud parents of a bouncinn baby boy, Junior Junior. Only had one problem thou. "

" Whats that?" asked Doc.

Then joe says " I had a hell of a time gettin momma to eat the afterbirth."
Originally Posted by n00b-E View Post
62, you've had a few good ones lately, that wasn't one of 'em.
I disagree nOOb-E growing up on a farm I have watched that a lot of times. I think its funny.
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