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Icon A5 Tail Wag Resolved

Hey guys,

I installed a second gyro on the Icon. Now I have one on the ailerons and another on the rudder. I took some video but no matter how much I zoom the video, you just can't make out the tail wag. The bottom line is that there is absolutely zero tail wag on my icon.

Also, there were 16 mph winds today with gusts higher than that. My Icon wasn't phased by it. A huge gust of wind hit it once and it just dropped about 6 inches. Normally that would have lead to heavy unintentional roll left or right. It was pretty cool to see it behave like my Ultra Micro Extreme Beast 3D with AS3X stabilization.

Pictures of my setup are below. The only thing that isn't evident by the pictures are that the remote gain for the rudder gyro is on channel 6 (Aux1, Flap/Gyro). Position 0 is effectively no gyro gain (off), position 2 is on. Remote gain for the aileron gyro is on channel 5 (Gear). Position 0 is effectively off, position 1 is on. I'm using a DX8.

It's important to note that if your gyro allows for both digital and analog servos, that the aileron servos on the Icon are analog and the rudder is digital. Make sure you configure the gyro properly, it's probably just a switch on the gyro.

You'll also find a wiring diagram below.

I hope this helps because this post was a lot of freakin' work!

- Larry
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