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Originally Posted by mcnowhere View Post
The apprentice will give you alot of help by self correcting. I started with a micro t28 and used a bunch of glue. You might not think so but when you tense up with anxiety its nice to have the plane flatten out by its self.
I agree.

I have never flown either plane, but I believe that my personal experiences might be of help in your decision.

I started with the Super Cub and can fly that thing blindfolded (almost). Like the Apprentice, it has dihedral in the wings which makes it easy to fly.

My second plane was the PZ S.E.5a. I still have a heck of a time keeping that thing in the sky. It has to be FLOWN, whereas the Super Cub flies itself hands-off due to the dihedral self correcting effects. My understanding is that the S.E.5a is just a little more difficult to fly than the t28. If that is so, then I strongly suggest you go with the Apprentice.

Another thing is size. The Apprentice is larger than the T28 and can be flown further away before losing orientation. That can be helpful for a newbie.

A lot of people love both planes, but for a self-taught newbie I think that the T28 would be a great second plane.

Good luck.
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