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Originally Posted by Marioinc View Post
Thanks zoide i'll add it in. People seem to say its even better than the mini cp (apart from the tx), so withthe cheaper price i might just getthat one instead.

Thoughts anyone?
I think I read that one person said that he liked the way the solopro 125 flipped better, but he admitted he had only flown the mini a few times and didn't have the settings dialed in. He also inferred the tail hold on the solopro 125 wasn't as good as the mini.

Several months later if the solo pro 125 is proven then I might pick one up, but for now absolutely sticking with my mini. Don't know much about NE, but I'm guessing their tx will suck and not be compatible with any other NE models. So likely money wasted there. Taking that into consideration the solo pro 125 would have to be really kick a$$ for me to consider.

If you're worried about the mini flipping in a tight space watch indoorheli's videos.

*edit* I just watched the pre-production vids and the solo pro 125 has the layout of the genius, so I suspect it is indeed susceptible to tail blow thank you.
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