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Originally Posted by Xrayted View Post
I don't have this particular TX, but many TXs have a "hovering" pitch and or throttle switch on them. This is used for gas helis where changes in barometric pressure or temp during the day can cause the engine to run more lean or more rich with a resultant power output changes from the motor. It's a quick way to shift the entire pitch or throttle curve up or down a few points to fine tune how the heli hovers as the fuel mixture changes rather than having to go in and re do the curve each time.

It's not a needed function on electric helis and will actually screw you up if you mess around with them. You can end up with situations where one curve doesn't quite match another using identical values or you can't get 0 throttle even at the lowest point on your throttle curve.

This is assuming of course that I'm right about what this hover function on your TX does
You are half right it activates the hover trims (hover P & hover T) - on all points except top and bottom you have the option of switching hovering on or off on each point for both the throttle and pitch curves (Devo 8 and 12 only)

When activated the points of the curve can be trimmed upwards or down wards with the hover trim switches - I have found it a useful tool for fine tuning my curves - the screen on the Devo 12 has a trim count for the hover pitch and throttle trims you have used just as it does for ordinary trim so there is no way to loose track of the trim you have used

Regards David
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