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Originally Posted by leccyflyer View Post
The vast stockpile of gold in Asia - which at 2 million tons is more than all the gold that is estimated to have been mined by human beings throughout history - doesn't it really belong to the Queen, or to Prince Charles?
Yes your right the wiki will say the total ever mined is 200,000 tons

However over hundreds of years the spice trade with China and Asia meant the Spanish gold and European Gold has been accumulating in Asia as Asia only ever accepted Gold for spices until the 1900 era . Also Asia had many gold mines.The result is that Asia has more than 2,000,000 tons which only was revealed to the world a short while back

The Queen of England did using USA navy ships steal 200,000 tons of this Chinese gold in 1934 when 7 USA navy ships took that amount of gold from China to the USA federal reserve.As the Queen of England owns the USA federal reserve she later had it sent to the UK for safe keeping. I dont know how much she gave to her evil brood like Charles

Thats the info as I understand it

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