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Originally Posted by brokenenglish View Post
Bob, Thanks for your pdfs. Hmmmh, we obviously have a slight Frog problem, both of us!
Firstly, the Mk. I is definitely the one GH showed, with the fins extending down to the bottom of the head, and no "wider band" on the bottom of the head (this is the one RHW tested in AM 8/52).
Secondly, the engine you thought to be a Mk II, with the strap under the crankcase, is actually a Mk III.
Now, if we accept these two identification criteria, that still leaves us with two different types of Mk II. Apparently, some have slanting back NVAs and some don't...
So, for me, there's no problem with the Mk III, but we have three different configurations to split between two types of engine (Mk I and Mk II).
As I keep explaining to Madame... it's this kind of thing that drives a good honest guy (or even me) to drink!
Brian, there are much more important things in life than arguing the point over model engines, so I'm happy to let it be (as the Beatles famously once said) and get back to my wine glass ! BOB
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