Thread: Build Log 1:22,3 Scale Antonov 225
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an even better option may be to do a built up center section and a hot wired outer section. the beauty of this solution, is that you can have remaovable outer sections that can be attached via aluminum tube. the wing essentially becomes a three piece and entirely removable. if I was going this route, I'de do the inner 4 engine pylons as a built up section and the outer portion with a single pylon on each section. to power this setup, you'de wire the inner pair of fans, the middle pair of fans and then the outer pair of fans. the outer pair of fans could be set up in such a way, that they draw their power off the same system as one of the other pairs, but they only draw power after the throttle is above say, 75% or 80% position. so, for flight, you run off four fans and for takeoff, etc., you are using all six. just a thought I was having to increase your flight time.

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