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Originally Posted by askman View Post
I just had a thought this morning. I know to some of you, the price is an issue and want to buy it in upgradeable manner.

What do you think about this. Th nex-5 yoke with the mounting system that is on this LG is very easy to make it vertical tilt only gimbal. it would only require 2 standoffs to make this work and gimbal that could be predrilled for current mounting system. upgrade roll block will be available, if desired. I also know some would not mind just having smooth tilt only set as well. and it could be stabilized for tilt only. This option would only be available for nex5 or bigger gimbal. (including the dslr gimbal as tilt only)

The F550 askman modular system .
let me know what you guys think.
Not a bad idea. It seems to me Gary has the tilt jitter waaay improved with the new servo, but the controller seems slow on roll compensation. Roll compensation correction seems pretty reliable in post, so I think the tilt only option might be a good way to go without a Picloc or similar, although maybe a higher DJI refresh rate can help. The tilt jitter/twitch was impossible to correct in post. Gary's latest video (the one right above your post quoted above) looks like he has really nulled the twitch very good (good job Gary- you have done a bunch of work that will help us all... thanks).

I am slowly working my way through this thread. I am late to this party since winter and my workload had me sidelined for a while. I am anxious to reload for the spring season when in a couple weeks I catch up with my over loaded work schedule.

Good to see you back Askman. I still have a couple of heli mounts and one pole mount of yours.

I just had a great warranty experience with DJI on a GPS unit ... I just wanted to mention it here just to get that said since it is natural to only talk about problems and not the good experiences. Thanks Sidney, Fiona and Robert! Sorry for the off thread mention.

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