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Originally Posted by TrainSurgeon View Post
I appear to have the package on the left, but with one detail that's different.
The 2 cables I have are equally thick. When i used a scalpel to carefully slice them open a little I noticed I have 2 of what is in the picture called a USB cable! 1 is a little shorter than the other, so maybe that's where the confusion came from, since I tried both.

I will try to replicate the 'special' cable by following your schematic and picture linked to in the FAQ , leaving only the +5V and Earth wires. I think that will solve my problem.

Thank you for the quick and helpful service by the way! Especially since this is a foreign product troubleshooting can be a bit hard, but this site is very enlightening. Thanks for helping a fellow hobbyist out!
Well we got to the bottom of the problem, but I fear the solution is not going to be as easy as you suggested. The +5V is on the wrong pin in that mini-USB plug, and moving it to the proper pin #4 (a.k.a. pin "X") in the sketches is not possible with it all molded together. You'll either need to get a new miniplug and have some micro soldering skills, or email your camera vendor and have them send you the proper cable (for free!). A royal PITA, I know, but there's no easy solution.
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