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Why is my JR XP8103 radio not working?!!!

Today I was flying and my radio started beeping announcing that my battery was getting low. I immediately shut it off (I had already landed). For some reason, and I don't know why I pulled off the back to expose the battery. I pulled it out and in doing so I pulled out the Ground wire from the connector that goes into the radio. The positive was still in the connector and still plugged into the radio. I pulled off the connector from the back of my radio and tried to put the black wire back into the connector.

I got the black wire back into the connector and tried to plug it back in.
I wasn't sure which way it went back in and tried both ways a few times because my radio wouldn't turn on.

I still can't get my radio to turn back on. I tried to charge the battery and no good.

I eventually got frustrated and tried to solder the wires into the connector. that didn't work either.

Lastly I tried to solder the two wires directly to the pins in the radio. Nothing is working. I have tested the battey and it seems to be good. The battery was getting low but it wasn't completely dead and had enough power to turn back on.

Is it possible that I fried something when i crossed the positive and the negative?

Please help
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