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I'm still undecided about the cause of the problems with the MS G trimming flights. The way the model was behaving altered so dramatically, and so suddenly that I can't help feeling it may not have been the model at fault at all. The problem never reappeared, which adds to the suspicion that it may just have been some kind of interference. Remember, even when flying really nicely, it would suddenly twitch in a most disconcerting manner. That twitch was precisely what had preceeded each spin. I had a Fokker EIII spin in exactly the same way after a couple of twitches. One minute it was flying very smoothly, then you could hear the motor note change and see the elevator slam to full up. Others were reporting trouble spots at the time too. It was investigated by some authority or other, who claimed there was no problem, but the problem never seemed to be there after that. Coincidental that.
When you also take into account that I've flown various size Pfalz E1 models (virtually the same plane) without even a hint of bad behaviour it really makes you wonder about the problems with the type G.
So, I wouldn't let it worry you too much. Set it up on expo, so that you still have the option of greater throws if you need them. I doubt that you will on elevator, but you may need a bit more rudder throw than that. Using expo will mean you only have it if you need it.

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