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Originally Posted by perschek View Post
Last year, about this time, I was flying my E-Flite Ultimate 20-300 with a power 15 and a 3s 2200mah battery. I'm flying alone on the beach, only a few spectators in the hotel window pretty far away.. But anyhow I'm flying along, practicing hovering, rolls, inverted etc. All of the sudden I see something falling from the sky WAAYY up there from my plane... And I'm like what the hell is this.... Turns out it was my lipo battery! I forgot to use the strap, it was just velcro'd in! ANYHOO.. NOT A SINGLE SCRATCH ON THE PLANE!!!! I mean this thing fell from WAY up there, and it just floated down since it is SO light without the battery. Obviously it was moving foward, but at a very slow pace. Mainly straight down!!!

But my first thought was O SH*T that battery is going to explode when it hits the ground! Thankfully it landed in the sand safely. Had to soak and dispose of it, was dented pretty good, didn't want to risk a fire.

So I'm 50/50 on this one, but for micro helis I'm thinking that probably not.
Yeah, in micro helis the risk is low but still, I think people need to be very careful with lipos (people were very careful when they came out..but now seem to forget the dangers associated with these batteries.)

You did the right thing, but I've seen people crash hard...take their lipos out and fly them almost immediately after.. (have pictures somewhere of my friends' F16 on fire in the air :P... maiden with brand new battery and new electronics... all lost.)

anyways, back on topic, I advise everyone from beginners to seasoned pilots to have good safety practice throughout their fleets... be it small or large aircraft... because once you start doing things carelessly on your smaller craft, you'll start doing so on larger craft too (my painful experience )

These 'toys' are not toys guys! Safety is paramount.
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