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Originally Posted by sonny1 View Post
Do I remember correctly that you are using the stock prop/spinner JS? I use a 50mm BB Aluminum spinner and 11x6 Graupner blades on my RP and it makes 200m in 30 seconds no problem; 25 seconds if I don't range upwind after launch. I'm using all the other stock power components.

I can't catch a break wind-wise, the daily average is 15-20mph with no relief in sight. I have had the chance to fly an ALES comp inland, but with assigned tasks of 6-8 min there's no use posting those flights here, as I didn't get the chance to go for maximum duration. I just can't get away from the wind long enough to actually do a dedicated duration flight! Maybe March will be better?

I'm going to travel to one of the only "drive up" slope sites in the area tomorrow, maybe I can get a slope time posted, but I'm told the wind has been running the wrong direction at that slope lately, so I'll just have to show up and see what the conditions are. I'm taking every flyable sailplane, powered & non-powered both, that I have with me; maybe I'll get lucky?

Good luck on the slope Sonny!
With the March winds coming, I sure wish I had a slope around here.
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