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KeithLuneau you stole my design !!!! :-) (OK, so I'd stolen CASA and Shorts !!!). I bought some foam yesterday and had drawn out plans a week ago and then last night saw your plane - wow...

I was thinking of doing something like a twin "truck" and looking at the CASA C-212 Aviocar and Shorts Skyvan. I was going to finish the fuselage panels just behind the cockpit and use soft foam (have some lying around, not sure what type) and do the cockpit and rounded nose. Alternative do the same but from in front of the cockpit windows onwards in shaped foam.

Span 1 metre. Body 100 mm (height/width) square cross section. Wings centre section to just outboard of the motors and replaceable (changeable) outer wings. Aileron servos in the centre section.

Engine mounts a bit like the Skyvan with the ESC under each motor and in the airflow of the scoop.

Undercarriage - wheels against the body and partially faired in with over-cowl. Steerable front - ??? not sure yet but sensible.

Rear door openable for airdrops.
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