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I'd say stay. Why? Well there are a few problems with letting things detach during a crash... first of all.. you mentioned letting the battery go... this is a bad idea since Lipo batteries can explode or catch fire (although much less likely now) if impacted. Letting the battery stay in its compartment or under the canopy will protect it... and while the crash might damage the skids or other parts of the frame... you will save your expensive battery.

Then there's the problem of parts detaching when you don't want them to do so. There have been more than a few helis at my field, for example, that have been lost due to loose canopies or other parts going through the blades. And when that happens on a big 700 sized heli.. you can do a lot of damage.

Never happened to me on a heli but I've had a battery fall out of my at6 while inverted because the Velcro was old and weak. results weren't pretty. Point is : in my opinion, having parts that aren't completely secured on anything that flys is a big no-no. Regardless of how much money it can save you in a crash.
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