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Welcome Gradguy, so there is very little info regarding the conversion of your size of traction kite to PPG.

This post kinda explains where I'm at on the larger kite conversion, I guess with a little of the hobbyking parafoil thread also. I bought a hobbyking 2.1m parafoil, and re-strung it using a contributor's schematic(thanks again Popado). The schematic was a derivitive of the "surfplan" freeware vesion software. It's AOA is that of a traction kite. I flew it no problem, in weight shift configuration. I am awiating the delivery of a new radio to continue testing.

Other's here are converting smaller foil kites with great results, I maintain that I feel the hobbyking one is an awesome value, even though you need to re-string it.

I now suspect after talking to a few knowlegable people, that once I build the gondola for the 10m kite, I'm going to be able to attach the two bridals on a weight shift see-saw, and fly as is. I'm looking at a Torxis or Seiko servo now, to handle the loading, however The weight shift configuation adds greatly to this. I am really excited about the posibilities.

Your ozone has ribbing and reduced bridaling, as aconfiguration? but it's advertised as 4 line? Can you isolate a main set of bridals and get the thing to kite over your head in a steady breeze? Post us some evaluation pics.

Are you intending on building a gondola? Electric powered?
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