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In normal mode flying with the green LED on the quad will remain tilted if you release the sticks. If you engage Auto Level and the blue light comes on the quad will then level off if you release the sticks. However you will need to set the trims in auto level mode for the quad on a calm day to remain in a relatively single spot. You need to read the manual and follow the instructions on how to set the Auto level trims.
Also if you havent flown much before be aware of ground effect having a negative impact on how your quad flies. You need to get 1 meter or more above the ground to start to get away from the ground effect turbulence created by the quads props.

You can use your trims to correct for the movement to the right however it would be best if you can have the quad not drift right in flight. You need to check that the motors are aligned correctly. Also check where your center of gravity is and check that your board is perfectly level in the quad and you have been through the temperature calibration processes in the setup software as per the manual.

Im sure Ive missed some other things here, others will be able to add more.
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