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Originally Posted by sonny1 View Post
Dagger 3000, remember, the Radian Pro is a sailplane, designed for non-aerobatic thermal flying, and any wind nearing 20mph is going to blow it downwind and make it difficult to get back. There is a lot of rather flat wing hanging out there, and in the wind that wing becomes a sail; literally. Yes, as stated above adding ballast and reinforcing the wing rod will help it deal with wind, but it isn't made to fly comfortably when it's blowing. Even at a slope if the wind is 15-20 it will want to blow away, even with ballast! Some sailplanes are better at different things, a sloper is better in wind, but sucks at thermal flying. The RP is the opposite, thermals great, sucks in the wind.
Fun airplane in the right environment, wind is just not that environment, (or in different words; it's the wrong tool for the job, it's not made to do what you want it to).

You're not alone Dagger 3000, I live in a perpetually windy locale, so unfortunately I have lots of experience trying to fly the RP in 20+ wind.......possible, but not very comfy. I bought a foam-scale sailplane with thin symmetrical-airfoil wings, and it handles the wind better, (ST Models Fox 2m EP:, handles wind much better, but doesn't thermal well...very aerobatic though.). I save the RP for inland flying or those precious few days a year when the weather gods bless us with lighter air.

Hovering against a strong wind seems boring to me. That's about all you can do with the RP in 20+mph.

The RP shines in light winds where you can circle without losing the plane downwind.

Like today here....nearly ideal conditions except maybe a little warm. We had a light return flow from the gulf and it seemed the air was warmer than the ground. There were some thermals, but they weren't real strong. I prefer cool air and warm ground.
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