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There is a bit of precedence for the positive being exposed, if you do the research. Which I did back 4 years ago when I first got into RC.

Way back, there were no lipos. Nicds were in, even Nimh was not around. So batteries were not that powerful.

To charge at the field, people mainly opened the car hood, plopped the charger down, hooked to the battery, and charged from there. So your power source was a car battery and charger, a very basic charger at that, without overcurrent protection, computer control, and other neat stuff we have now.

So NOW which would you rather get accidentally short circuited? Yep, you'd rather have your nicads toasted than blow up your charger and maybe cause damage to your car battery.

That's the way I understood it after doing the research. Of course things are different now.

Covers are a great idea. Some folks say the little condom-like rubbery nipples that are used for caulk guns and sealing pointy-spout bottles are good. I made a cover for my charger octopus deans and minideans by dremeling off the solder tabs, and slathered that side with liquid electrical tape, and let it dry.
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