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OK to answer some of the questions.
The battery was Turnigy 40C 4s2200.
Motorfly DM2820-750kv that only giving me around 630W WOT on VOX 14x7 prop.

Harriers are not as clean as the EF edge or the skywing 48" planes I fly, don't know if its a 4s thing or not but there was definitely a lot of torque in certain things. Straight lines I noticed rudder input needed a few times climbing vertical but that may have been wind input.

AUW with my lipo was 1580g.

CG was neutral upright and inverted. Battery was half under the cowl.

Losi, the KE spins and the blenders were strange on this plane. Very hard to enter the KE spins with any throttle input. Yes I know the proper stick positions and usually on my plane have no issues entering KE spins through a tumble then the spin.

The few KE spins I did do the plane fell out after a couple of rotations and the was not flat spin rotation like I see in my other planes. IE, when I exit the KE spin I usually hold everything steady but move to slight right aileron to flatten out and the plane normally does a couple of flat rotations.

Couldn't get the KE spins to hold in with this few flights so far. I have adjusted to get more down elevator throw (>55deg) so I will see if that helps.

Remember when you saw the blenders and KE spins MWargo did on the Domin8trix. They didn't look quite right and seemed to fall out rather than tighten up. This plane seems to do the same thing. I don't know if an AJ slick will be like that or this plane might be peculiar.

Don't mind, I also have a terrible time getting my PA ADX to KE spin or blenders.

Maybe I need more weight in this plane to carry a bit more inertia?

As to the AUW, I used a Plush40 esc and the 2820 motor plus the vox prop and still came in at 1580g. I cannot see how Dean built his with that big motor, esc, bec, and plastic prop and still came in lighter. Also, you will see that I didn't bother with the wheel pants, never have yet and that will save a few grams as well.
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