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Originally Posted by hoppy View Post
Depron is MUCH stiffer than $Tree foam and does not form anywhere as easily. I've tried many ways to form curved surfaces with Depron and none have worked really well.
Originally Posted by ExperimentalAir View Post
The fuselage tubes can be made with Depron, with a little more difficulty. You must tape the outside radius of the bends, and I recommend taping the entire outer surface, overlapping generously, and pressing down hard with a credit card.

Make your marks for the fold intervals and then emboss the inside of the folds by scribing a small but blunt instrument into the Depron along a straightedge, something like a ballpoint pen with the ball retracted. Just enough to squish down the substance of the Depron about 40%.

Then make the folds under a heavy piece of wood or something like that. Be careful with the "overbending" to try to establish 90-degree bends as this may snap the Depron. It will be under somewhat more tension during the final gluing step, compared to Dollar Tree foamboard, and you'll likely need some jigs or helpers to keep the tube together while you apply the glue.

If successful you do get a nice, crisp 90-degree bend. The compressibility of Depron is not as good so the substance in the bend itself will kind of fatigue and come apart if subjected to a lot of chronic movement, but the tape should hold it together if properly applied.

If Depron is what you can get, give it a try. For us in the US it's tough to beat $1 per sheet of Dollar Tree foamboard.

Let us know if you have success so we can share with other Depron users.
Unfortunately here Depron is 2-3 times cheaper than foam board for a bigger bit!, I know it sounds crazy but yeah.. So I will give it a go at some point and let you know how it turns out!

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