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Originally Posted by dragonshade View Post
Erkq... Now that was some cool footage. Where do you get these cameras? Most importantly though... fill me in on the carbon fiber rods I see bracing the tail... where did you get those mounts? and can I get some good pics??

Silent and Turner... Great stories. When thinking how awesome it would be to fly planes, I never once thought of maybe flying with birds.. very nice bonus.

On a side note.. Can you guys give me some wind flying tips for the Beast 3D. Like what you do or how do you setup different, and how high of winds do you fly in? For me it seems anything over about 8mph the plane will climb into the sky like mad, even putting the battery 2cm or so more forward than usual. Afraid to go too far, but thinking it should be way forward. Of course elevator controls are overly touchy too. I did put it up once in 14 mph wind, with 20 mph or so gusts... that was a handful for me, and hardly fun. Tips would be great.

So great to have a group with so much more experience with the very same plane, thanks for everything.
I just saw that you are in Georgia. I live south of Charlotte so if you ever have plans to get up this way, let me know and we can get together for some good flying. My cousin lives outside of Atlanta (John's Creek area) so I might get down that way some time soon too.

Anyway - as far as flying in wind it really depends a lot on how much experience you have. I'm still relatively new to the hobby (been flying for about 14 months now) and I've found that in the first 6 months or so I really had no business flying in much wind (anything over 5mph for my V1 Beast was too much and anything over 8mph was too much for my larger planes) but as time and my skills have progressed I can now safely fly my 3D Beast in winds up to around 15mph and my larger planes much the same.

HOWEVER... I also find that I don't particular enjoy flying in wind over 10mph. But that's based on my flying style. I largely fly low to ground and in harrier and that can be a disaster on windy days (especially if it's gusty). I prefer more 3D flying so hovers and harriers just aren't as fun in windy conditions. If I were to do mainly circuit flying then higher winds wouldn't be as big of a deal. Also - some poeple enjoy "parking" the plane in the wind and sort-of playing with the wind. This can make for some beautiful flying when done right and every now and then I do enjoy doing that. On one particularly windy day I played around with my 3D Beast by trying to land it in the hatchback of my car. That was pretty fun and made somewhat difficult by the windy conditions - I could come in nice and slow due to the strong headwing but as soon as I ducked below the shelter of the car, the plane's flying habits rapidly changed. I WAS successful by the way - I've got it on video too!

In short - it comes down to experience and your own personal flying style. You may find that you CAN fly in windy conditions but you're just not having as much fun. And at the end of the day, fun is what this hobby is all about so you might as well make that your top priority.
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