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Originally Posted by dragonshade View Post
Thanks for the info, and thanks Joel. I'll likely be taping up my leading edges as you have. I do no indoor flight but am landing mainly in grass fields.. so protection would be good. I did a first flight on my 3 hyperion 180s at lunch today. Set the timer for 3:30.. to break them in well. Figure I'll do that the first 5 flights or so. Tried to really be easy on them but seemed likely at least as strong as my MadDog 200mahs.

Had a great moment today thought I would share. First Hyperion flight, I am in a field near work. The best I could find where I can do lunch flights, a 365' baseball field (so roughly 120 yard circular area), but surrounded by 50' big, ugly concrete light poles. About a minute in... about 125' up... wind about 7mph.. out of the corner of my eye I see a shape. It gets closer and then I see it is a large hawk.. gliding on the wind.. doing the typical slow circles. Seems he had seen the Beast and wants a closer look. Cut back throttle to maybe 2/3, gently pull up and roll over into him. He flies up and gently turns to match. For about a solid minute we are doing lazy figure 8's and turns.. actually flying together. Never once was he aggressive, nor was I. Very cool to see his wings wiggling gently and correcting in the winds, just as mine were (love AS3X). As a side note the park/field workers had seen me pull in the park and driven over... putting up their feet on their golf cart and watching the flight, and now this very cool show. After maybe just over a minute of flying around, weaving, and circling one another slowly the hawk pulled off and I went to full throttle for some loops and rolls... feeling rather fired up! Overall a great lunch break.

Once I told my daughter of the encounter she suggested how cool would it be to mount a camera on the beast. A hawk's eye view 150' up actually flying right there with a hawk would be "BEAST" as she says lol. Anyone know of a camera that may work?? I go to this field a lot, and he/she might be back to fly with me again... if so I am finding a camera

That sounds like a pretty cool moment there Ray! The closest I've come to something like that is flying parallel to a big beautiful blue heron that was on it's nightly flight from one pond to another (I'd seen this beautiful bird making the flight on several other occasions). He was clearly obvlivious of my little plane but it was cool seeing my Beast soaring up there near him.
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