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Originally Posted by lovespicyfood View Post
Did some flights through the cul de sac with my Beast 3D today. Started to mess with some high alpha slow flight for fun...then I realized I was going towards my huge birch tree in the front yard! Too late, smacked it ~40' up! Luckily it did not get stuck, it fell back down and nosed into the grass.

She looked surprisingly good considering the height of the fall. The wing had detached cleanly on the top right at the wing strut. Used some UHU Por and it's all good. The impact was so great that the plastic extension tab on my Hyperion battery pushed through the fuselage just a tiny bit. Surprisingly, the motor shaft seems true and I don't notice any vibration.

Gotta love this thing! Now I'm wondering if I need to "stock" a complete airframe as I slowly thrash this one...

Been there, done that!! It's easy to get mesmerized by those pretty high alpha knife edges and then WHAM!! LOL!

This plane absolutely excels at HAKE! Love it!
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