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edomodel f4 first ducted fan for me feb 2012

first flight with an impeller jet 17-02-2012

Today was my first flight with an impeller rc foam bird.
Well I hand launched it and way she went.
She got in a nice 45 degrees climp and just a little trimming.
Winds up to 15KmH but I was able to fly save.
First full power and when I felt comfortable reduced power and see what plane is doing.
Turns are tricky and you have to be in control all the time because of wind.
So after a couple off minutes started to fly landing pattern and on 3 run bring here in.
Well she floated straight in, didn't expect that she was flying in that easy.

I use one center fuel tank to trow here into the air.

Some data

Elevator trow = 15-20mm
ailerons trow = up10 - down15mm
no expo
LIPO 3S2200 25-35C and 45C
power = 370 watt, static trust 470 grams
plane weight = 620 grams
No landing gear
CG at 100mm from LE

ps new impeller with 2815-4800KV motor on his way to me.

Update from my E-Domodel f4 Phantom
Hi guys

Today I tested F4 again. 20-02-2012
Noticed that stock servos didn't center very well, ore not at all.
Very in stable flight performance.
First I changed aileron, and today also my elevator.
F4 hard to trim and also my elevator servo didn't center, resulting in an nose up and after trimming nose down behavior.

I also put half of fuel tanks at wing to belly land better, only centre tank give a bad behavior at landing.

Last but not least, it flew great and with SG at 100mm it floated right in.
F4 at final half throttle and close throttle and glide in, beautiful sight seeing my Phantom glide in that easy.

Also I changed my XMTR/RCVR, other one I could not set expo in it, so with expo for elevator and ailerons very nice flying.

very happy now with this plane, its my first ducted fan.

i posted this at another f4 threat mixed them up sorry guys so posted again here
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