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Originally Posted by turboparker View Post

Welcome to the fray!

The Hyp 240 packs will provide a noticeable increase in power as compared to the 180s - along with the expected increase in flight-time. This was not the case with the V1 Beast (even with the 5043 prop, static RPM was essentially identical between the two packs). However, the B3D draws more current than the V1, which pushes the Hyp 180s hard enough that the 240s provide a noticeable increase in power. More than enough to compensate for their extra weight.

I use my Hyp 180s when flying indoors, as the lower weight is noticeable at lower speeds. Plus, I usually fly all night without going past 60% throttle, so flight-time is still pretty good, and I'm not pushing the 180s hard enough indoors to see any performance benefit from the Hyp 240 packs. I switch to my Hyp 240s for outdoor flying.


Thanks Joel... I have followed you throughout this thread (you are a bit of a legend lol). Thanks for the input. Put it this way... how do the Hyper 180's compare to the stock Eflite. I will be getting 240's soon.

Has anyone added any tape to the wind leading edges? Had a gentle landing rollover on grass onto a rock which dinged my lower wind edge. Thinking about adding some light hindge tape, but worried about CG issues.

I noticed on my maiden a weird wing flutter on level flight... mainly at 3-4 to full throttle. Was only on level flight. Since then I only see a little of it when a breeze kicks across the plane... has never come back otherwise or since. Though I know on that first flight that was not the case, and was alarming.
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