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Originally Posted by kalmon View Post
Wing wobble/flutter redux

Ok So double checked everything inside the plane and everything is secure. RX is not loose. I moved the ailerons to the second outer hole and as expected the wing wobble got worse. It is noticeable even on the outermost aileron horn holes.

the rocking/wobbling starts at just over 1/2 throttle and gets worse as the speed increases. I even tested it on a power off vertical downline and its still there, though not as bad but this is a beast and it wasn't able to go that fast with the throttle at idle.

Things I've noticed:
The ailerons in general have a LOT of play. With just fingertip pressure I can get over full deflection just out of the linkage slop(servo does not move, so no slop there).
It is not doing this in turns or ail rolls even at full throttle.
KE and level flight same result.
Battery pack secure on landing, no slop velcro firmly attached.

I've checked the top to bottom ail rod and its secure on both sides.

Any ideas?

I've had two beast 3Ds - the first had the flutter really bad above 75% throttle, and it was very crash prone. Dont ignore it (I know, you are not )

I didnt find the culprit before it was totaled.

Beast 3D #2 unfortunately I flew into a tree (ouch), and wound up putting a wing kit on it. Before I flew it again, I went over it with a FINE tooth comb, and found that I had a lot of wing slop too. Turned out that the control horns were not seated firmly into the ailerons, which allowed them to rock in place. It was hard to see intially becuase they worked "fine"... but if I touched them at all, they moved without the servo moving.

A drop of Foam Safe CA and kicker set them firmly, and they are now solid as a rock. The plane flies like its on rails now - better than Beast #1 by a LONG shot.

Hope that helps...

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