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Why are we doing this again???

OK lets throw a different slant on this so we can put it to bed.....although a little out there as an analogy think shows the realities of life...

OK MW is a well known *orn star and he is very proud of his prowess and abilities...always wanting to give his all - now MW has been asked to give a new girl a go in a new this girl is untested in the field of * he doesn't know how she will behave or perform or how it will go when shooting his scenes...

Now do we expect to see the cutting room floor where MW couldn't get it up or was a little premature or was a little off form that day? No we want to see the edited and full glory of MW giving this girl a good seeing to and appreciate that some scenes were edited to show both MW and the new girl in the best possible light as possible...because that's what sells and is more appealing to the general public

If you want to see off cuts and bloopers watch a Jackie Chan movie or if you want to see this plane fly in unedited raw form - why not get one yourself and do a movie yourself??

Sorry MW couldn't think of another analogy that best fits the scenario

So can we lay off the video edited/raw subject I think it has been well answered and for the most here are happy with the explanation
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