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I'm from the other side of the pond so voting cannot be a goal for me because I (probably) never will be a competitor.

But contribute in the discussion is possible because I am an intrument engineer and was glider pilot too so I can give you information about existing principles and what is possible, now and in the future.

Because I did start the thread to have an inventarization of used systems, people might think I will make the situation more complicated but, don't worry, not possible, there only is a different way of thinking!

-I only can show principles based on physic laws that are important for gliding for me.

-You all are talking about technical possibilities generated by manufacturers, software and electronic engineers, and they want to sell to you!


Only goal for me is to show you basic principles of gliding and the instrument options needed for that. It is no coincidence these tools already were developed in the early period of gliding and not the period of computers, gyros, gps telemetry video etc. And..... the air is still nearly(?) the same!!!

Because I still fly "Old School" I can do the job with minimum of tools and nothing special.

After my post, you all may count which of the elements I did use related to post 1. and start a discussion what all you want to add!!


To show I will use one of my existing gliders so after all I also can show some photographs if you want.
I do not hesitate because, when I ever cross the pond, who knows, I want to know if my plane is accepted by the CD!!

I think the result can be surprizing for you all and if you understand my explanation it probably will be much more easy to continue your proces of formulating the rules for what is needed and accepted.

So, what is your opninion, do I show my post?

If you agree I have to make (a) drawing(s) so I like to know if it is worth the effort.
If the trick fails dont't worry? Nothing is lost and we continue modeling !

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