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Originally Posted by bigroger View Post
Guys, I plane to mount the Motrofly 2820-750 in mine.
Initial fit looks great with no more than 2mm gap to the spinner.
Mind you this is not a 3548 size but should have more than enough power on 14x7 Vox with 60A esc on 4s.

Long leng.... the quality so far looks as good as any of the other two EF or 3dhs to be honest.
I would have liked to have some carbon or G10 in the landing gear mount area to stiffen things a little, but doesn't really matter.

I've added some carbon strips (0.5 x 3mm) to those areas to add some stiffness to the formers plus a couple of 2mm carbon rids a bit further back to run across the fuse like the EF planes get.

I did also notice that the canopy has little G10 type tabs at the aft corners like the EF planes do for protection from dropping, nice little touch.

Just finishing up CA flooding to the formers, and motor box areas before I begin bolting it together.

I am gonna run a HS85MG in the elevator, so I have a bit of wood work to do next to open up that hole area.
great report.
any pics about the reenforcements?
what servo do you use for rudder? take care, if its too deep, it will come out of the other side of the fuse
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