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Originally Posted by bigroger View Post
JPF: that distance from the motor mount plate to the cowl you are looking for is 48-49mm.
Thats allowing a 1-2mm overlap at the back of the cowl for the canopy to clip under.
Thanks for confirming.. that means that most of the HK motors I listed as being suitable are too long to fit properly. Excluding prop adapter and X-mount then you need a motor thats no longer then about 38mm. That really does severely limit the choice.

Of the motors I listed in post #17 not one of the 3s motors are short enough.

For 4s motors only the following will fit without a huge spinner gap:
NTM Prop Drive Series 42-38 750kv
Turnigy L3020B-600 (a bit low on the kv though)

Of non Hobbyking motors the choice is also very limited, the EF torque 2814T/820 will fit and the Omega 130 will also go in, but both are a bit on the small side for this model IMHO.. Probably the best option would be the Motrolfly DM2820 series.

I cant help but think that Hobbyking have slipped up pretty badly in making the motor mounting design that is unsuitable for 90% of the motors on the market that are powerful enough to fly the model in the manner intended. Most of their own motors don't fit properly, including all the motors that Hobbyking list as being compatible and the actual motor used in the flight video

Of course if you don't object to a big ugly spinner/cowl gap then it's not an issue

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