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Originally Posted by patfly View Post
From the above posts, I sounds like it is OK to run the Stock Motor with a 6x4 prop and an 1800mAh battery . I have been running with a 1500mAh Battery. Am I ok with the 1800?

I know so little about these lipos!

Second question, I had an unscheduled landing (hear crash) today and my battery came loose and bounced around in the compartment. The shrink wrap was damaged where the wires exit the battery. No wires came undone and there did not appear to be any damage although the battery may be a little puffy, really not much if any. Is this battery still safe to use? The prop was still turning when I recovered the plane (someone neglected to move the throttle to the off position after the "landing" (nose first vertical). The battery was slightly warm when I disconnected it. After It cooled, I recharged it (outdoors) and It seems to have taken a normal charge.
mah is just a measurement of capacity, I.E. a 2600mah battery would last twice as long as an identical spec'ed 1300mah battery. You can use any mah battery you want as long as the discharge C rating and cell count is the same.

As far as puffed lipo goes, it probably got pretty under-drained if it was still running when found, I would take it easy with it for a few days and keep a close eye on it, and if it performs OK in a few flights I would expect it to work, but probably have a bit of a shortened life span. Either way I would keep a very tight eye on it especially when charging.

Originally Posted by rsands2801 View Post
I want to use it for a bit of FPV but at 15mins it doesnt allow for much in the way of distance. How do those guys get such crazy flight times out of these planes? lol
If you do some math you will find a Bixler cruising at 30mph is covering 15 miles in 30 minutes (assuming wind isn't a factor), that gives you pretty much 7 miles one way and 7 back with a mile to spare . Realistically wind is a big factor, and I have never seen a flight video of a bixler doing a round trip over 5 or 6 miles out. You could probably get a 5000mah battery in the fuse, with a little bit better of a motor, and easily get 30+ minutes of continuous powered flight, though you would most likely be flying fairly high throttle most of the time (as that battery is HEAVY ), if you are good at gliding and thermalling, and have a fairly light and efficient FPV setup you could easily see 30+ minutes of flight with a lot of non-powered flight time.
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