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a lurker inputs two cents worth....

Watching this forum daily because I want to do r/c xc because full size soaring xc is such a challange, I thought I would throw in my two cents worth. I'll use the suggested options in order.

1 - autopilot: not only no but HELL no! I agree with previous comments, the pilot must fly the plane.

2 - Airspeed control: no. See above.

3 - Gyros: no. Personally: 1) I do not see a need and 2) I think gyros are a grey area because you are not in complete control, an electronic device is doing some of the thinking and controlling for you. Don't get me wrong. Gyros are great in helicopters, but then by nature, helicopters are twichy little bastards bent on self destruction and annihilation! Sailplane are more stable.

4 - video telemetry: Why? Don't see a need. A desire, yes. Personally worried about the whole UAV argument and flying out of visual line of sight. Might be usefull as a safety device. I would love to hear the arguments pro and con.

5 thru 8 - definately yes! If you have the bucks and want all of the bells and whistles, go for it! Definately audio because do you really want to take your eyes off that speck you are trying to fly to check data? Visual displays would be great for the spotter and he could be the audio for the pilot.

9 - somekind of flight computer/electronic devise (laptop, smart phopne, iPad, etc) for efficent (and safe) utilization of #5 thru 8 (and #4 if allowed) should be allowed.

Thanks for this thread!

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