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Two Dead Cameras repaired

Very exciting news for me

Remember those two cameras of mine where the yellow LED was solid?

One had a truly glued CMOS cable and the larger chips also had brown glue on each corner. On one of the cameras I had previously removed the SPI memory chip and re-programmed the chip with a memory dump.

Well, as of today they both work again . I had ordered 2 CMOS modules 10 days ago. The new lens' have no glue, so I still need to focus them, but both cameras WORK!!

It was not an easy job removing the glued cable, and without the proper equipment I would think one would need a lot of patience. I ended up using a hot air soldering gun and partially melted the cable from the rear so I could peel it away from the copper wires inside. I wasn't careful enough because the microphone also dropped off! Then I used a lot of flux and Chip Quik to make a large cold (240C) solder blob. I could then pull the stripped cable away with a pair of tweezers without lifting any tracks on the board. I cleaned up the mess using lots of acetone. Soldering on the new CMOS modules was an easy job in comparison.

On one of the cameras I had previously already removed the CMOS module and also lifted a track. It was no problem to bridge the broken track.

So, if after turning on your camera you only get a solid yellow LED, i.e. the yellow LED remains on, this is almost certainly due to a defective CMOS module!

When I connected everything up, both cameras didn't react. Nothing! After some time pressing the power button and the reset button I managed to get the yellow LED to blink - which was correct, because I had forgotten to insert the card. When I inserted the card, the camera worked!

Great satisfaction
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