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Originally Posted by skyraider6 View Post
I was under the impression that you needed to install the smartiparts board in order to flash er9x firmware to the radio, maybe I'm wrong. As for the Frsky module, you should be able to bind the receiver to the radio without using the telemetry options at this time and without using the frsky firmware, as long as you are using the current module and receiver combo and have performed the required mods that might be needed.
What combination of radio version and module version are you using? Which receiver are you using?
The smartieparts board is a "preferred" method of installing custom firmware. It eliminates (assuming you have the correct board in your transmitter) soldering and yes it is required to install the firmware such as ER9x (is there any other? ). If you don't have the correct version (the pins don't all line up), then you are left to solder in a board. The smartieparts board is great quality, supported very well and eliminates the hassle of soldering really small wires while providing a backlight.

I see that you have installed ER9X - if you have not used it before, that is very possibly your problem (there may be no output until you set up your mixers - select the 4 channel simple to at least get something on the PPM output).

I use the D6FR receivers (and D8R-II) and DHT RF module (DIY). Note that there is a switch that can put the DHT in V8 (non-telemetry) mode for compatibility with non-telemetry receivers (I have not used that). Binding and functioning of the FrSky system is independent of the transmitter firmware but you will need the PPM signal to have function. If you can't bind then it is either wired wrong or you have a failed module/receiver. If you have not used this system before, read the instructions very carefully on how to bind and follow it (not trying to be smart - I just don't recall what they are).

I will also tell you that I had a "bad" DIY module out of the box and it "worked" in that it did bind but range was crap (like 2 inches in low power range check mode). The second one has been fine and far exceeds my expectations. For $22, I just bought another one. I dissected the first one and saw some frayed wires that may have shorted but who knows what really happened - wasn't worth the effort to worry about. On the second unit there was no fraying.

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