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Originally Posted by bob loblaw View Post
Got one of these today. Very mixed review. On the one hand, it flies nice, for a little while. Carries a lot of speed for a little guy, I'd guess in the 35mph range? ROG was nice and easy, and at my elevation that's a big deal.

On the other hand, two flights and two crashes. At about 2/3 throttle, cruising level and a gentle left turn and it dove in. Sheared the left wing off about an inch from the fuse. A little packing tape, check all the controls, ok, battery looks good, cg still ok, off we go with a fresh charge. ROG, climb out to about 50 feet. Level out. Oh what's this, uncommanded pitch up?! Full down elevator- nothing- it's already stalled, chop the throttle cause she's going straight down. Broke the right wing off. It's going back to the LHS.

I use an older T9CHP which has never given me a single issue. The Anylink bound to the plane upon power up and all the throws were in the correct direction. But no motor initialization. The only way I could get the motor to work was reverse the channel, full stick for no throttle. Reverse it again and quickly pull the stick down to the bottom, then throttle works normally. You have to do this every time. I played with the subtrims and epa's.

This radio system has issues, I think.
On mine with the DX6i I have to go to full throttle and hold it there for a second or two then back to off and then it's ready to go..

So we both are having a unasked for up elevator?? I had the dive yesterday on my first flight.. And today the up elevator..

Looks like I sucked part of the front cowl through the motor and now I have a chipped blade. Now I know why I couldn't find all the pieces at the crash site.
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