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I don't think the wind is an issue either and am with pdawg on this one. Having logged a bunch of F-86 flights myself it really looks to me like you are just getting it too slow at times and stalling. The weird tumble thing looks a lot like my stalls where I poured on the power, held neutral elevator and waited for it to get going again. The elevator does nothing until the airframe is moving again because there is no prop blast. Do not hold any up,as you don't want to stall again immediately after regaining airspeed. Take it up high on a calm day and play with the stall a bunch. You will find it unlike most anything else you have flown when stalled.

Remember that you don't have to be going slow to stall. All you need to do is exceed the critical angle of attack, and that can happen at any speed. Pulling hard in a slow turn all but guarantees a stall as I am sure you recall from your primary training days.

I don't mean to talk down to anyone here, it is just that this model is an intro into an entirely new realm for most of us. Given that it weighs so little, it doesn't have the inertia to carry it through a near stall situation once the drag starts to build. Simple physics. Keep the power on, the fuselage close to level and you should be fine, as shown in the videos.

Bob, Futaba is well known to need throttle reversed for proper operation of an ESC. You should be able to reverse it in the transmitter once and then be fine. If not, I would have the radio checked.
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