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Originally Posted by Razors edge 29 View Post

If it is tail heavy; its odd since the stock lipo is supposed to be perfect, which would lead me to believe foam density is off, or too much glue aft, or something?

Are the wing or stabs bent or warped? Tail incidence off maybe?

400's might make it way too nose heavy
I have been watching and re-watching and watching again the video of the second flight. There is to much strange stuff going on in this flight to say it's a balance problem or a wind problem. I'm back to it's a radio problem.. Look at the flip it does starting at 1:00 that I didn't tell it to do any of that,, it was just a turn around to make another east bound pass. And watch the West bound low pass at around 3:00 it was to go into a climbing left hand turn at the end and then enter down wind heading East over the grassy area and not the sharp pull up and climb to a stall that it did. And once in the stall I couldn't break it with down elevator and power. I was able to keep it flying while it was tip stalling,, look at how high the nose is. I was able to nurse it around over the grass area and then right at the end I finally got control back and I was able to glide it over and land it in the grass where we normally land our landing gear less planes..

Now I just can't convince myself that as good as it was flying other wise and all my experience flying slow and low planes and my F-18 EDF that I every now and than with this one forget how to fly for seconds at a time..
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