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If it is tail heavy; its odd since the stock lipo is supposed to be perfect, which would lead me to believe foam density is off, or too much glue aft, or something?

Are the wing or stabs bent or warped? Tail incidence off maybe?

400's might make it way too nose heavy

Originally Posted by livonia bob View Post
OK now lets watch the middle flight. Look at what it did at 1:00 I didn't tell it to do that,, it's going down wind there has plenty of speed and it pulled up on it's own. Battery should still have plenty of juice in it. Now notice how I don't really have any control over it at the end of the flight.. I don't think this is from a stall that I caused but more a stall that it is causing.. My gut feeling is after 57 years of flying models and 20 years of full scale even at my age and slow reflexes I would know that the plane is staled and would have full down elevator on it the whole time I was trying to get it down and as you can see she was in a nose high stall most of the way down.. Now this could be caused by it being tail heavy. I'm going to go ahead and make up the 400mAh batteries and try them..
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