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Originally Posted by scorpion1 View Post
Neat little Gizmo there does it discharge.........does it have to be hooked up to a charger?
Here's a little copy n paste from one of the reviews there. I ordered mostly for the balance feature and as a display my eyes can see for checking cell voltage at the lake. I'm thinking to get a decent discharge rate you would still need it hooked to a charger or other discharge device.

(insert copy)
-All Adapters work parallel, you can also use for example the 5 cell plug with 2 cells if you use the bottom most pins (minus is bottom most)

- I did a lot of "missuse tests" (reverse polarity on the balancing plugs), but it doesn't harm my balancer.
So I welded a standard 2.54mm pin plug, which I use for all my cells.

- I opened it, and found a professional layout. It seems as if you can increase the discharging current with additional resistors but you have to keep in mind the generation of heat.

- The discharging and balancing current is not very high, it takes a long time to discharge calls with higher capacity.

- The accuracy is ok, tests with a precision multimeter show differences of ca. 20mV for 2 cells and ca. 120mV for 6 cells (it seems as if you could not do an externeal calibration easyly, if someone knows, please let us know). For this price range, that is ok, more importent are anyway the relative values of the cells.
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