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How much hot glue? (and why not Gorilla Glue?)

Hi everyone,

It's a bit late for me to be asking this question, as the major assembly of my Mikey's RC FPV V3 is complete. In accordance with his suggestion, I've used hot glue for most of the plane. I've got mixed feelings. Sure, it's fast. And seems to be very strong. However, I started counting how many sticks of hot glue I put into this plane and I'm disturbed by the weight! So my questions:

1.) Maybe I was using the right glue, but in the wrong (i.e. excessive) amount? Maybe instead of gluing the entire joint, I could just apply spots or strips. Or maybe I need to apply a much thinner bead. On some joints, I did this: Apply UHU Por to the faces of the joint, allow it to try. Stick them together, then add hot glue in the corner, sort of like caulk. Maybe I could have used a really thin corner bead?

2.) Maybe hot glue's virtues (that it's fast) could be enhanced by just using it as a quick hold, while a more lightweight glue (i.e. Gorilla Glue) has time to set? In other words, apply Gorilla glue to the two surfaces to be joined, then immediately lock the two surfaces into place so that they dont seperate as the Gorilla Glue does it's foamy thing.

Any thoughts?
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