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Originally Posted by ultrojo View Post
Hi DOSD+ support,

after too many try & error, i am stuck
Sorry , i have to ask you, about my new DOSD+v2

flysky 9ch (upgrade er9x firmware)
rmile PPM encoder
cam, vtx,vrxm gps

my DOSD+ can display parameter Volt,gps etc but cannot access control mode in chanel5 via Radiolink, i already setup ch5 for control mode. and screen appear "AP DISABLED" blinking always.

my servo attached DOSD+ can works.
but seems ch5 not work on DOSD. because 3switch i push seems not works. i try 2 radiolink also same

can help me to solve it
"ap disabled" means that you are in autopilot mode and there is no GPS lock

It sounds like your channel assignment is wrong in DOSD and/or in eepe

I have eepe as well. as Throttle defaults to ch3 on the radio perhaps your DOSD is expecting a different channel map. when you boot up the DOSD can you see on screen if it says radio type detected? Futaba is probably what you need unless you want to change the assignments. This is a simple fix if you have USB>TTL and PC commander

in eePe set mix P1>ch5 @ 100% then download it to your radio. this will make the knob on the top left of your radio the mode control
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