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Tried cutting the perfboard but it didn't come out well and its a bit brittle in narrow strips. I'm thinking of a wood arm with a nylon control horn at the tips turned 90 degrees, a birds beak cut top and bottom to help secure. This will be a rather small contraption, the length equal to the length of the control horn top and bottom on the elevator so we'll see.

On the landing gear they provide a hardwood cross member with holes at each end attached with rubber bands for support between the wheels. I don't think I care for that much. Rubber bands would need to be replaced often and it seems like it would be vibrating all over the place. Going to pop in Flyboys and see if I can tell what kind of cross member is supposed to be there, a wire support or wood or what and make something more permanent but hopefully with some springyness built in to allow the wheels to splay out and in if needed as opposed to being rigid ...for my "perfect" landings.
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