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I just got my MQX a couple of hours ago and tell I'm gonna like it. Since I've just been flying S107Gs and S033Gs, I find the MQX is a tiny bit of a challenge to get comfortable with. I tend to over control frequently even in the low rate.

I've got a couple of questions - on top of the circuit board there is a copper-colored wire from one corner that extends diagonally across the board. It's not attached to anything at one end. It appears to be the receiver antenna, but I find it strange that a wire is extended across the top of exposed electrical components and slider joints. Is this okay? Will there be no shorting problems if it lays down on the board?

And, do control stick inputs return to "center" when the throttle is moved to zero?

Lastly, I don't see much effect on any of the trims after I've pushed any of the buttons a couple of times. Is this delayed a bit?
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