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Originally Posted by Adidas4275 View Post
how do the Graupner props compare to APC SFs?
There is a huge difference, in my opinion. The APC slowfly props are way too flexible, in my opinion, and no matter how well you balance them, jello seems to creep into the video. In terms of ranking, for jello-free video performance, I'd put the APC SFs on the bottom, the stock 10x4.5s in the middle and then the GWS 9x5x3s and Graupner 10x5s on top. The Graupners are easier to balance, and have zero tracking issues, due to their knife-like rigidity. The GWS 3-bladed 9x5x3s, once balanced, are actually a bit smother than the Graupners, but only if you start out with ones that aren't warped. I've had about 20% of the ones I bought that have at least one blade the bends up slightly. On the other hand, you can buy five of the GWS 9x5x3s for the cost of one Graupner 10x5.

-- Gary
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